Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome to my Salon

If you are here you must love movies. For me, a movie is what you watch to be entertained, and I watch a lot of movies and am entertained (and disappointed) a lot. 

To me, a film is more a conscious work of art and much more my interest. 

The cinema is movies and film in context, that is how they function as both business and art, how filmmakers (directors and their collaborators) use the aesthetic tools in their storyteller's "kit-bag" to construct their version of reality, and how that story relates to its society and culture, in both present and past tense.  

In this blog, I will share my views and reviews on movies and film in context. More so, as a teacher and film programmer, I believe that to fully enjoy movies/film/cinema requires conversation. That means audiences have some context before watching a film and then after have the opportunity to talk about it. This was the framework of the cinema clubs of Paris that thrived just after World War II and provided the testing ground for the critics and filmmakers who would usher in and ride the French New Wave.

My interests and tastes are international, spanning the full history of the cinema, and I take great joy in always learning. Thanks for joining me in this journey.




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  1. Would love to read your review of Woody Allen's newest film. Inquiring minds would like to know your thoughts on it, and is it worth my $8 to see it now? Thanks, Steve!